Faux wood, faux amber, faux olivine jade, rubber cord


4 responses to “Faux

  1. Superb, eşti foarte bună în ceea ce faci

  2. What a fabulous collection! I have been unable to find the beautiful all kinds of Faux collection.

    • Well, that´s because they were designed and handcrafted by me, in order to create a necklace for a polymer-clay contest. Task was to resemble the look of semiprecious and precious gemstones out of polymer clay. The wood part, faux also, was just to complete the composition.
      2 weeks ago, while I was browsing on Etsy saw these
      and I was a bit amazed how similar they look to my beads. I know they are real, but that`s better no?

  3. Hello, Hello,
    I love your necklace found on Pinterest and I am allowed me to inspire me to make a jewel in my turn like him a lot but that does not equal! Thank you, I hope you do not mind! Have a nice day! Bravo for your creations!

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